DI’s 10 Year Anniversary Experiment: The Change Canvas

Create a Change Canvas!

When we launched in 2009, we set out to build a more equitable future, together. Now that we’ve reached our 10th year, we’ve set our eyes on the future. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we’re sending out blank canvases to changemakers across the world to answer the question:

What does a creative and equitable future look like to you?

We’ll collect canvases from every part of the globe to create a crowdsourced vision for the future of social change. This fall we’ll throw a big party to reveal the canvases and celebrate our 10th birthday. All contributors will be credited for their art and ideas.

How do I contribute a canvas?

  • Request a canvas: Fill out the form below and we’ll mail one to you!
  • Make one at our office! Swing by our office and create your canvas in person. We’ll supply the canvas and art supplies, you bring your creativity.

All canvases must be submitted by June 30