Community-Led Research Methods

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In this video, Dr. Magdalena Avila discusses:

  • Building team science
  • Understanding the proposal/grant from the ground up
  • Developing stakeholder knowledge pods and advancing the team science
  • Addressing the importance of aligning with community cultural values
  • Creating equity in the research/grant process

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Community-Led Research Methods: Facilitated Session with DI

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Curated Resources

Research Ethics & Understanding CITIs (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiatives)

Research Training for Communities

For complete citations and descriptions of the above resources, please refer to Dr. Avila’s provided tool kit.

Reflection Prompt


  • Consider the ‘seven inequities held in place by power.’ 
  • How have you seen these inequities play out?
  • Where are your greatest opportunities for change? How will you address these inequities in your work?
Seven inequities held in place by power, seven opportunities for change.

Meet the Coach


Dr. Magdalena Avila
Associate Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico
Senior Emeritus Research Faculty
Community Engagement Dissemination Core (CEDC) of Transdisciplinary Research, Equity & Engagement Center for Advancing Behavioral Health (TREE Center)


My academic and research background is in Community Health, Community Engagement and Community Based Participatory Research including specific applied methodologies and practice, including culturally-relevant methodologies. Over the years I have worked with many different communities of color including Spanish-speaking and immigrant communities on working and partnering to improve health disparities and inequities including culturally based interventions.  Much of my work has involved engaging collaboratively in community-based projects and using the authenticity of community voice to narrate and empower local communities in maximizing their capacity building research potential. In working with communities I like to begin by starting with the actual funded proposal/grant to make sure all stakeholders understand all the different components, especially all community partners. Many times this requires deconstructing both the technological language and reporting that accompanies the grant. I focus strongly on advancing knowledge together and building team science.


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