Navigating Power: Self, Team, and Community


In this video, Dr. Brandi Blessett discusses:

  • Exploring identities — privileged and disadvantaged
  • Recognizing the importance of intersectionality
  • Unpacking and deconstructing privilege
  • Examining bias

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Navigating Power: Facilitated Session with DI

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Reflection Prompt

Reflect on how power, privilege, and oppression may show up for you and your teams.



How has your identity shaped you? How does it impact your work with community partners?

How might your identity and positionality impact your ability to be vulnerable? To build trusting relationships with community partners?

As you deepen your understanding of your identities and their intersectionality, what experiences, knowledge, or understanding do you need to unpack, unlearn, or keep in mind?


For a deeper reflection on identities, review the Identity and Social Location Wheel.
Also called the Privilege Wheel, this is an exercise, adapted from the work of ArtEquity, that allows individuals to locate themselves in various existing systems of power and privilege.

Meet the Coach


Dr. Brandi Blessett
Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati


Brandi Blessett, Ph.D. is an associate professor and inaugural director of the Masters of Public Administration Social Justice (MPA SJ) program at the University of Cincinnati (UC). The MPA SJ program at UC is the only program in the country that has a social justice focus. Her research focuses on administrative responsibility, disenfranchisement, and social equity. Much of her recent work acknowledges the disproportionate effects the criminal legal system has on people and communities of color. Specifically, she offers insight into the effects of institutional injustice and their implications for underrepresented communities. Dr. Blessett’s research agenda advocates for ethical practices, professional standards, and accountability measures to promote equity, justice, and fairness to all factions of U.S. society.Dr. Blessett is a community engaged scholar, whose engagement with community residents has come in a variety of ways. Her passion is working with people and organizations that provide services to underrepresented groups, such as returning citizens (people who were formerly incarcerated), LGBTQ people of color, and low-income citizens. With these stakeholders, Dr. Blessett examines how institutional structures and public policies adversely affect their lives. My recent work with the Interdisciplinary Research Leadership (IRL) program with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is focused on assisting Bhutanese and Congolese youth positively address mental health issues. Dr. Blessett works with collaboratively with numerous nonprofits across the country to help them advance their equity goals using approaches like strategic planning, focus group discussions, and trainings. By helping organizations increase their capacity, they can enhance service delivery to their stakeholders.


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