Daniela Vollmer Niño

Director of Impact and Sustainability

Growing up in Venezuela, Daniela witnessed deep, systemic social and economic disparity firsthand. The only way to stop being part of the problem, she decided, was to be an active part of the solution.

Her interest in social change, combined with a talent for drawing, landed her at Savannah College of Art and Design. While in school, she balanced her time between the studio and social innovation projects with organizations like Community Coalition for Haiti. She not only left with a degree in Industrial Design, but a stronger calling to apply those creative skills to solve complex social challenges. As part of the Design Impact team, she’s been able to push the boundaries of design as a tool for social change, putting her skills as an industrial designer to use to help individuals to address wicked systemic challenges (speaking Spanish also doesn’t hurt).

Beyond her work at Design Impact, Daniela continues to fight for change in Venezuela through social entrepreneurship. She is the cofounder of Plan A, an award-winning tutoring platform in Venezuela. Based on the “buy one, give one” model, each tutoring class purchased provides a free class to a child in a community experiencing poverty.

Creative Outlets: Cooking, photography, sketching, designing and building
Causes: People, equitable access to education, inclusion and diversity, social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability

Contact Daniela: daniela@d-impact.org

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