Q&A with Dominique M. Brown

Meet Dominique M. Brown. Dominique joined Design Impact in April as the organization’s new Senior Racial Equity Specialist. Dominique is committed to dismantling systemic oppression by pursuing systems of care. She carries this commitment into her community work and facilitation. Read on to learn more about how rest plays a role in her anti-racism practices, her creative outlets, and the work she’s doing at DI.


Q: Tell us about yourself. What should people know about you that they can’t gather from your bio?

A: That I have a beautiful pup named Prince…who lives up to the name. =D


Q: How would you describe your role at DI? What kinds of things will you be working on?

A: I see it as my role to support the DI team to be equipped to pursue racial equity work in the world for this social and political moment.


Q: What drew you to DI?  

A: I’m drawn to DI because of the dynamic team and demonstrated investment in social equity work.


Q: What keeps you up at night? What are some causes you’re passionate about?

A: Honestly, I don’t believe in being kept up at night. I believe that to challenge the forces of harm in this world we need to be fully rested. That is part of how I see my work in practice. We have to continuously push back against the forces of overwork that keep us subjected to systems of oppression. Especially as somebody who navigates the world as a Black woman. As the Nap Ministry reminds us, “Rest is resistance.”


Q: What are some of your creative outlets?

A: My number one creative outlet is dance and movement. It keeps me centered and attuned to what my body needs to be well.


Q: When you’re not at DI, where can we find you?:

A: Normally on a plane trying to get out of my comfort zone and into the world. Right now it’s in nature as often as possible. Even if it is just sitting on a blanket at the closest patch of grass.