Remote Facilitation Tools

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In these uncertain times, how might we continue to build an equitable future together? To help our community navigate this new reality, Design Impact is releasing one helpful tool a week.


Artifact Tool


If you know DI, you know we love a good icebreaker. This week we have not one, but three mini energizers and icebreakers for remote meetings and gatherings. If virtual conferencing platforms still intimidate you, we also shared a quick breakdown of some of our go-to virtual collaborative platforms.


Download the tool here.


Active Listening Tool


We don’t know about you…but…although connecting via video during this time of physical distancing can be a welcomed way to connect, every now and then all of the visual cues you receive by looking at the various things happening on your screen can quickly take your attention elsewhere.


This exercise helps you to meaningfully connect with…fewer distractions.


Download the tool here.


Whiteboard Mandala Tool


So much in our lives feel unsettled right now–from not knowing what changes each day may bring to navigating our new reality in this moment. Finding ways to transform suffering into joy or sadness into happiness is even more important than it’s ever been.


This exercise offers a creative step in moving toward that transformation by offering a way for you to virtually center yourself and connect with others.


Download the tool here.