Bizzy Graves Young

Communications and Design Coordinator

If it’s a creative form of media, Biz will learn it (and then she’ll teach you how to use it).

Pegged early on as a Jane-of-All-Trades, Biz has always been comfortable wearing many hats. As the unofficial Transformer at Design Impact, Biz regularly taps into her wide pool of knowledge to shift easily between graphic designer, communications guru, in-house videographer and expert ice-breaker designer. The appeal of Design Impact was obvious from the beginning: Biz is the type of person that loves untangling knots out of shoestrings or solving a good puzzle, but she also has a passion for listening to — and visualizing — other people’s stories. Some of her personal projects include bombASSbabes, a miniseries that celebrates creative women of Cincinnati, volunteer work for BLVCK seeds and MYCincinnati, and the occasional wedding. Biz received her BA in Interactive Media Studies from Miami University.

Creative Outlets: Conversing around the fire, cooking while listening to podcasts, climbing stuff (mostly walls)
Causes: Combating everyday racism, conquering fear

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