Brittney Kreimer

Principal, Finance & Operations


Call her what you will – a number cruncher, a smooth operator – but one thing is for sure about Brittney: she’ll be all up in your business (operations).

All puns aside, Brittney’s nonprofit experience is expansive. With a decade’s worth of knowledge in human resources, finance, project management and business operations, she’ll gladly nerd out about employee handbooks or timesheets. Still, while Brittney has an aptitude for numbers, her passion isn’t in data or finances; it’s in people.

Brittney received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management and an Associate’s in Communication, but her career in public and social service was inspired by her grandfather, who encouraged her early on to exercise her civic duty. This early political engagement exposed her to social inequity, but as the operations manager at Ohio Justice & Policy Center she witnessed systemic inequity on a daily basis. By recognizing her own power and privilege, she has devoted her work towards fostering a diverse society where access to opportunity is not determined by gender, race and income level.

Creative Outlets: Planning outrageous activities for her nieces and nephews
Causes: Civic engagement, local and federal political races, environmental issues, human rights

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