Lauren Elyse Tudor


In addition to building her empire, Lauren is a fierce advocate for advancing social justice movements, specifically, women’s reproductive rights, most recently serving as a member on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region.

Lauren Elyse Tudor, creative engagement strategist, Founder and Chief Brand Architect of ARCHITECT Brand + Design Collective, a brand management, fundraising and marketing firm.

In a noisy world, businesses and nonprofits are hungry to connect to constituents with fresh messaging, authentic engagement, and real perspectives. ARCHITECT Brand + Design Collective is a brand management, fundraising and marketing firm that facilitates those efforts through curiosity, creativity and courageousness.

As an all-Black collective of digital marketing, engagement and innovation strategists, we center our impeccable skills with proof of expertise. ARCHITECT offers hands-on guidance to inform operational best practices in marketing, fundraising or brand management expertise where clients need it most. ARCHITECT listens to your needs and creates a comprehensive blueprint that centers your mission, your goals and, most importantly, your budget.

Creative Outlets: Adventures, photography, painting and building fire Apple music playlists
Causes: Community Engagement, Black Businesses, Strategic Marketing, Women Entrepreneurs, and Investment Group Management

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