Ramsey Ford

Co-Founder, Officer


Ramsey Ford is a designer, no doubt about it. He has practiced design from seemingly every perspective: as an award-winning product designer, a design professor, a maker and an entrepreneur.

As it turns out, his design background gave him a unique perspective for helping people solve complex problems. His passion for social justice inspired his Masters thesis on what designers could learn from community organizing. He received both his undergraduate degree in industrial design and Master of Design from the University of Cincinnati.

Those experiences – combined with a knack for facilitating creative process and a passion for social justice – was the start of Design Impact’s founding idea of embedded design – deeply engaging design as a change process in organizations and communities.

Ramsey continues to advance the conversation on inclusive design through workshops and speaking engagements such as the Public Interest Design Institute, IDSA International, and Unite for Sight Global Health and Innovation Conference. An avid writer, Ramsey regularly shares his perspective on social design through outlets like Design Observer, FastCompany, Innovations and Product Design Hub. His work has also been published in the Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook and Leap Dialogues.

Creative Outlets: Cartooning, gardening, cooking
Causes: Dismantling institutional racism, environmental justice, small business development

Contact Ramsey: ramsey@d-impact.org


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