Robin A. Wright

Senior Social Equity Specialist

Robin believes that by becoming the best possible version of ourselves and building meaningful connections across difference we can create communities, institutions, and a society that upholds the full humanity and dignity of all individuals.

Robin A. Wright brings her full and authentic self to all of her work and she centers healing and wellness in all that she does – including her role as a mother of an amazing little Black boy. She views resilience and self-care as a revolutionary act — one that will embolden individuals as active participants of change and societal transformation.

Prior to joining Design Impact, Robin worked at the University of Cincinnati where she led social change initiatives for students. She’s also worked as a Policy Manager for the ACLU of Ohio, as a Researcher & Facilitation Specialist at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity, and with the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. She obtained a Masters of Public Administration from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University and a BA in Pan-African Studies at Kent State University. Robin’s unique combination of lived experience, education, and professional background drives Robin’s commitment to equity and inclusion.

When not at DI, you can find Robin hanging out with her son Kaden pretending to be spiderman or jumping on the trampoline.

Creative Outlets: Listening to music and sci-fi/fantasy genre audiobooks, singing poorly, dancing around the house, and writing and performing spoken word.
Causes: Anti-racist systems building, healing and restoration work, gender/Sexuality equity, poverty-alleviation.

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