We work with grantmakers, nonprofits (including schools and hospitals), government agencies, and community groups to tackle complex challenges. Our approach is rooted in social justice and human-centered design so that the people most affected by inequity are involved in all steps of the problem-solving process. We also draw inspiration from social change, innovation, and organizational development. We work with partners in four different ways: community-centered design, team-based learningorganizational change, and systems change.

Community-Centered Design

Explore the problem you’re stuck on. It’s hands-on, and sometimes it’s messy, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether it’s a short project or an extensive undertaking, together we’ll explore the issue from all perspectives, and develop ways to address it. See how a children’s hospital is working with community to improve health outcomes.



•  Empathy-driven qualitative research
•  Ethnography
•  Community engagement
•  Divergent idea generation
•  Prototype coaching, implementation, and evaluation

Team-Based Learning

Equip leaders with social innovation tools. Think of our programs as BYOC (Bring Your Own Challenge): we provide the structure, tools, and guidance to think differently about your problem. We borrow best practices from innovation, social change, and leadership, but no program looks the same. Explore how we are transforming the Cincinnati non-profit community through design based education.



•  Program design and facilitation
•  “Train the Trainer” models
•  Capacity building
•  Curriculum development

Organizational Change

Re-envision your organization. Oftentimes social change has just as much to do with external forces as it does with our own organizational structures, mindsets, and teams. We’ll introduce you to creative and inclusive strategies so you can change culture, collaborate across difference, take smarter risks, and try new ideas. Read how the City of Nashville learned to creatively address pressing civic issues.



•  Organizational development
•  Process design and facilitation
•  Strategic problem-solving
•  Team building

Systems Change

Coordinate impact. If we want to create systems change, we know it takes collective action across sectors. With you and your partners, we’ll map the landscape, push the conversation, increase adaptive capacity, and design around the roadblocks. We’ll customize the process and facilitation to increase stakeholder engagement, reduce system complexity, and improve outcomes for your clients. The path isn’t easy, but with the right process and facilitation, we can create a new path forward.



•  Network Building
•  Systems-level Strategy
•  Policy Co-creation
•  Thought Leadership

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