Tamaya Dennard

Senior Civic Innovation Specialist

Tamaya has been curious about the world around her since she was a young girl. That curiosity has inspired her to take an ever-evolving journey to understand that world, and the people in it, more deeply. 

As a strong advocate for equity, she was compelled to better understand the root of policies and how decisions were being made. Her journey naturally led her to public service. Beyond DI, Tamaya serves as a member of Cincinnati City Council to ensure the voices of marginalized communities are considered by policymakers.

Tamaya’s community work earned her recognition as a 2014 Forty Under 40 Honoree and a 2017 Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Southwest Ohio Affirmed Honoree. Tamaya holds a degree in international business from the University of Cincinnati.

Whether it’s writing op-eds for the local newspaper on gender disparity in sports, giving a TEDx Talk about the lack of women in legislative roles, or asking people to become more engaged in local politics, Tamaya knows there will only be more equity in our world when people of all backgrounds, cultures, genders, incomes have decision-making power and opportunity. Tamaya works with Design Impact on a project basis. 

Creative Outlets: Cooking, writing
Causes: Social and economic justice, Black Lives Matter, equity, women’s health care and equal pay

Contact Tamaya: tamaya@d-impact.org


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